Orgonite Tree of Life – Root Chakra


This resin artwork features a palette of blue tones, evoking the deep and calm ocean. The transparency of the resin allows for a detailed observation of the small seashells inside, revealing their beauty from every angle.

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Light dusting with a soft, lint-free cloth is recommended approximately once a month.

Handle with Care. Despite the resistance of the resin, the part can break following an impact or a fall.

Do not expose to heat.

Welcome to the enchanting world of our “Tree of Life” orgonite, a true work of art meticulously crafted by hand in resin. Each piece embodies the harmony between natural elements and artistic creativity, creating a unique visual and energetic experience.

At the heart of this orgonite lies a Tree of Life, lovingly handcrafted from delicately curved copper wire, adorned with amethyst leaves that add a peaceful and soothing purple glow. This symbolic tree is rooted in oak moss, creating a deep connection with the earth and nature.

The tree is beautifully set against a pale ocean background in resin, evoking the gentle reflections of waves that bring a sense of calm and serenity. The oceanic tones accentuate the feeling of peace and balance, creating a harmonious contrast with the vibrant Tree of Life.

This orgonite is imbued with a special intention and contains carefully chosen materials to optimize energy. Amethyst, copper, and steel add a significant energetic dimension, helping to balance and harmonize the surrounding energies.

To top it all off, a symbol of the root chakra is integrated into this orgonite, representing foundation and stability. Every detail has been carefully handcrafted, bringing a touch of spiritual elevation to this creation.

Whether you place it in your meditation space, on your desk, or in your living space, this “Tree of Life” orgonite will bring positive and soothing energy. Treat yourself or a loved one to this unique piece, and let the Tree of Life guide you to balance and harmony.