My Story

Welcome to my artistic universe, where Abstraction and Realism meet in a captivating way. I am Kadi, a realistic abstract painter based in the heart of the beautiful Laurentians in Quebec, Canada. My artistic journey began in my childhood when I discovered the secrets of painting and drawing through books found in flea markets, using my pocket money to trade canvases for art supplies. This early exploration opened the doors to my creativity.

A Passion Born in Childhood Strokes

My artistic journey began with oil painting, an initiatory experience that quickly led me to acrylics, a medium that I particularly cherish. Today, I passionately immerse myself in these two pictorial universes, creating a unique blend of styles known as mixed media. My art is an invitation to constant experimentation, where each new project is a creative challenge to overcome.

An Endless Source of Inspiration

My inspiration draws from the spiritual and the magical. I delve deep into human emotions to express them on canvas. My art is a fusion of soul energies and tangible reality, capturing moments of pure emotion and making them eternal through painting. Each creation is an open window into my inner world, an invitation to feel and reflect.

Unique Creations and Custom Orders

In my studio, I bring to life artworks that reveal my love for resin art and my interest in unusual elements. From broken mirrors to pieces of woodwork, from flowers from my garden to recycled materials, everything can be integrated into a piece. My artistic talent transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

I also offer custom orders for bespoke canvases, putting my expertise at the service of your imagination. Whether you want to immortalize a precious moment or personalize your space, a custom canvas by me is the artistic expression of your unique vision.

Explore and Acquire Your Artwork

I invite you to dive into my online art gallery, where each creation is a story in itself, ready to inhabit your space and move your soul. Explore the fine art prints, canvases, and original artistic creations available, each representing a part of my creative journey.

Don't wait any longer, let yourself be enchanted by my art and add a unique touch to your universe. Each artwork you acquire is a piece of soul, a fragment of passion, and an artistic treasure to cherish. Dive with me into my artistic universe, where Abstraction and Realism meet in a captivating way.

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