6th Sense – Mixed Media 12×12 Gallery – Intuition


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Description: Explore the mysteries of your sixth sense through our gallery canvas mixed media artwork ‘6th Sense’. This captivating piece, measuring 12×12 inches, brings together the energy of the fox, Lapis Lazuli, Lotus incense, consecrated cinnamon, sand, and sea salt.

Product Features:

Dimensions: 12×12 inches.
Techniques: Mixed Media (acrylic, Lapis Lazuli, incense, cinnamon, sand, sea salt).
Artwork Title: “6th Sense”.

Each element of this symbolic canvas has been carefully selected to open your mind to the mystical world of the sixth sense. The fox, symbolizing intuition and ingenuity, is at the heart of this piece, while the Lapis Lazuli brings its powerful and soothing energy.

The runic and magical symbols inscribed on the canvas invite deep reflection and exploration of this often mysterious inner sense. ‘6th Sense’ is part of a collection of three matching canvases, each serving as a gateway to a unique spiritual realm.

This artwork can be acquired individually or in combination with the ‘9 Noble Virtues’ and ‘Wisdom and Knowledge’ pieces, creating a harmonious collection of esoteric art to enrich your meditation space or spiritual corner.

Add “6th Sense” to your space and let yourself be guided by your intuition and sixth sense.